Wanna Cook Something Fresh & Delicious?

Wanna Cook Something Fresh & Delicious?

We pride ourselves on peeking your interest in fun dishes that are memorable and unique. All of your favorite seasonal meals can be created viewing our new quick courses. Take a look.


Welcome to iShop.Cool, the online boutique store dedicated to providing quality home and kitchen products to those who like to present their home and food and drinks in a unique way. So if you're ready to transform the decor in your home and everyday cooking into exciting, creative experiences - this is your store. Explore our extensive collection and discover functionally unique items that will enhance your home and kitchen.
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About UsAbout Us

About Us

Owner's Journey

Owner's Journey

Growing up, I used to watch my grandmother, mother, and aunt in the kitchen as they mastered meals that I cook today. And when it was time to grill, I watched the cooks in my family take pride in selecting the perfect equipment, cuts of meat, and vegetable sides that I also cherish today. What fascinated me was how they made countless dishes, often times by memory or just by taste. They didn't need instructions or recipes. They worked off of the good vibes of music playing and all of us laughing, talking, and just waiting to hear those magic words, "Time to eat, it's ready." What I later realized is that the kitchen was the heart of our home. And the food prepared and the way is was presented was an act of love then, and it still is now. This is my inspiration for iShopCool: to bring the creativity of art and the love of our food and kitchen together. I hope you enjoy shopping with us. -- Tori M.


iShopCool offers a special selection of home and kitchen decor that is functional as well as beautiful. We offer practical kitchen equipment as well so that our recipes can be achieved by all culinary levels. We feature only a few products at a time so that our customers know what's trending in home decor, delicious recipes, and food presentation. Our goal is to help everyone transform their living and kitchen areas into places that are simply unforgettable.
We carefully select the products from experienced, premium manufacturers around the world including the United States, Europe, India, Australia, China, and Canada. We work with local agents in those regions on inspections and packaging to ensure that you receive quality products upon delivery. If there is an issue with your delivery, we work with them closely to resolve it. At times, we also feature products from small businesses as well, which helps support the local communities where they are based.
We take pride in every order, and this means we process your order with quality. The time frame for your product to arrive includes processing and shipping. First, we verify your order, pull it from our inventory, and then we package your product. This takes approximately 3 business days. Next, the product is shipped to you (or to the exact address you provided in the order). You can expect to receive your package in approximately 1 week to 2 weeks (or 7 to 10 business days) after the date your order was placed – in most cases sooner. If there are severe weather conditions in your area, please expect delays. For details, please see our Shipping Policy in the footer. You can track the progress of your orders by clicking TRACK ORDERS at the bottom of any product page. An account will be created for you so that you can login, track your orders, checkout faster, and even sync your favorites.
We pay for shipping for most items because we appreciate our customers, and we want your buying experience to be simple, easy, and enjoyable. For some large items, you may be charged for shipping; however, we feature the shipping cost so that you know what to expect at checkout. We have good rates with most of our carriers and manufacturers, allowing us to typically use UPS, USPS, FedEx, and DHL for most deliveries.
We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover Card, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. We are looking into adding Amazon Pay and Facebook Pay as well.
We do take international orders. We currently focus on shipping to the United States, Europe, Australia, and Canada. If you have a question about receiving an order in your region or location, email us at for inquiries regarding international shipping.
For returns, please read our Return Policy, as we do accept returns. If there is an issue with your product, you can review our Return Policy and submit your return here: Upon approval, we can accept your return and offer you a refund. Unfortunately, we do not offer exchanges or store credits. However, feel free to contact us at if there is any issue with your product or shipment upon arrival. We will work to resolve it as soon as possible.
Our recipes are curated by culinary experts, home cooks, and industry research and events. The best part is, we experiment with our dishes and conduct taste testing parties with friends and family to validate that the recipe is worth sharing. We hope you enjoy our selections. Feel free to modify the recipes to your taste.
iShopCool Cooking Coming Soon!

iShopCool Cooking Coming Soon!

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